Back to Val D'Isere for Christmas 2012, the trouble with using a pocket GPS system is that it is in your pocket! at times your body shields the device from the satellites and other devices like phones in your pockets and metal tabs on your ski jacket shield the device. As I own a Nike+ Sportswatch with GPS, I thought I would give a try using it for skiing.   The Nike+ sportswatch is designed for running so the stats produced are not useful for skiing, but the tracks should be good. The following images are the tracks skied for each day. It looks like the GPS is accurate, but unfortunately the tracks cannot be exported from the watch of the Nike website. The best you can do is to screen grab the map images from the Nike Website. Its convenient to have the GPS watch on your wrist but the output is not useful for skiing, If you could export the data it would be great! Come on Nike, provide an export facility! Other people like eagerfeet  may be able to provide a solution if the can gain access to the data.

Update: Matt Stuehler has written a utility to download the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS data, the utility does require you to enter the email address and password you use for the Nike website. I took the precaution of setting the password before I did the download and reset it afterwards. The utility does need you to be using one of the latest browsers, I used Chrome. The utility is on this page.

The downloaded GPS files follow at the end, they have been overlaid onto a map using Google earth and my lift file.



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Tracks skied.

24th December morning.

24th December afternoon.

25th December, Christmas Day

26th December,.

28th December,.

29th December

December 24th 2012 morning run. The watch turned off at lunchtime!

December 24th - afternoon run

December 25th

December 26th

December 28th - on December 27th it snowed all day and all nigh, the 28th was fresh snow on unpisted runs!

December 29th


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Val D'Isere Christmas 2012

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